Flickr finds – maps

Posted on Sun, 5 Jul 2009 by KiM

Great finds! Love Peacock Feathers!

Anonymous says:

Lovely inspirational shots! It's great to see some photos that feed my map and globe obsession. Also glad to see my photo among your wonderful finds from flickr!

such a great post…love it!

Cookie says:

I looooove maps! Thank you for posting this. These are some very good ideas. And I thought I was clever 'cause I use old maps to line my dresser drawers . . . .

I love maps. You always find the best photos. Thanks for the inspiration. I really want to add a map somewhere… 🙂

cali bird says:

I have a big Map wall in my bedroom that has maps from Africa to Mississippi. I want to travel & i figured what a better way to find out where i want to go then to always have maps i can see the location! I tore up my atlas & also put this on my map wall. I figured that i wasn't learning anything with all those locations being closed up in a book. Thanks for the inspiration

Sofia says:

ooooh… you just gave me the most fantastic idea! Thank you!*

Alasdair says:

You can order unique, beautiful historical map facsimiles from the Royal Geographical Society in London – for more details on sizes. They have over 1million maps in their collections. Alasdair

I've never been able to take a nice photo of it, but we have two lovely nautical maps that we cut up and framed in our hall.

OK, this is the best I could do:

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