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Posted on Mon, 6 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

It’s our next reader’s makeover as guest blogger and interior designer Jason Martin helps Maggi with her Brooklyn apartment. Maggi is looking for something unique and interesting for the space. I’m loving the “to and fro” conversations in these e-consultations and once again Jason has come up with some great ideas!. Remember Maggi does the “DIY” after Jason adds the “+”.

Maggi emailed…

Wow! Exciting! Here are the top three things on my apartment wish list:

1. I would like to create a more interesting arrangement of space in my apartment. I have three almost exactly equal-sized rooms with doorways between each (very symmetrical!). The space itself is pretty boring architecturally and I’d like to avoid mimicking that symmetry in the furniture arrangement. I would like to do something really unique and interesting with the space. If possible, I want it to be both dramatic and cozy.

2. I need to do something with my windows. There are seven of them and right now they are naked: a wasted opportunity, for sure.

3. I want everything to have a place and for that place to be (mostly) inside drawers and behind doors. I don’t need to see the visual clutter of my everyday “stuff”. I want the focus to be on the art and furniture instead.

By the way, the reason I didn’t send pictures of my bedroom is because that’s the one room I haven’t yet done anything with so it tends to be the dumping ground for all of the crap I need to sort through, file, hang up, etc. (Embarrassing and unattractive!)

Floor Plan

… and from Maggi’s inspiration files

Jason’s notes


You have such a wide range of artwork and activities going on in your small space that I think the best advice I can give you is how to make the apartment functional and efficient while still interesting. You need a home that can act as backdrop and not compete with what is going on in the space.

I think you could create a more interesting arrangement of your space by balancing the overall symmetry of the apartment with some asymmetry in each of the rooms. Build from the architecture out. The apartment doesn’t have much existing architecture so you have to create it. Here are my suggestions:

1. Create a sense of Enfilade with the doorways.
2. Unify the rooms with a consistent idea.
3. Create defined functions for each space

Create an “Enfilade”

Unify the rooms with a consistent idea

A low living space

Storage/office space

Dining Room

Bedroom Ideas- clean, simple, warm

So what do you think? I love the low sofa suggestion from Jason. It’s my latest sofa crush the Togo from Ligne Roset. Next week is Jason’s last guest post and it promises to be absolutely fabulous! Thanks again Jason for all your wonderful ideas!

It's always fun to see what designers say. I am looking forward for next week :).

Btw the orange sofa from Ikea is great. I was suppose to use it to a client of mine , but it didn't fill the comfy criteria, such a pity. I even wanted one for myself 😀

All the best. Once again, what a great blog you have.

/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

Jessica says:

This is so awesome.

I agree with Anna Carolina, the orange sofa is fantastic, and affordable too, as Ikea is not an expensive place.

This is such a fabulous series. I'm learning so much!

kim. says:

I am smitten with the idea of a stripe painted throughout the apartment and the mirror at the end in the bedroom is BRILLIANT! The effect will be amazing.

laura says:

this is a fantastic post filled with great ideas! i'm not surprised though, your blog is one of my faves and i visit often 🙂

Anonymous says:

i dont get these posts. back to the regular program pleaze. <)

Bahn says:

I too find these posts very helpfull. I really like this apartment.

This post is great! I love it. It's so filled with ideas anyone can do. Keep 'em coming.

Olivia says:

Great post – though I would love to see an "after" update down the road!

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