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Posted on Sun, 19 Jul 2009 by KiM

Sorry folks, there will not be a Flickr finds post today. Instead, I thought I’d share with you a major purchase I made about a week ago. A bit of background first…

During the kitchen renovation, I wanted a dining table built because I needed something narrower than an average size table, and it needed to fit 6 people. My boyfriend and I were initially going to build it, but my contractor offered so we took him up on it. The table turned out to be pretty disastrous. The wood of the top ended up warping and splitting, and the pedestal base was completely non-functional for such a long table. In the end, I ended up picking up a couple cheap table legs at Ikea and adding those on, particularly for instances when some of my porkier cats would launch onto it from the countertop. Here is a photo of the table:

I’ve been looking for a table on and off for several months now and have had no luck, up until a couple Fridays ago when I took my boyfriend down to the Byward Market with me on a table hunt. We were in Stacaro, my new favourite store, when Jeff spotted a really cool desk. It was on sale at 40% off (floor model), and had a black steel base and a wood top, the same colour as my cabinets but a few shades darker. It came with a shelf attached to house a desktop computer, and we quickly discovered it could easily unscrew off. It was the perfect width (just shy of 3′) and length. Here is a photo of it from their website:

SOLD! It arrived last Monday and I finally got a chance to try it out with the shelf (decided it was too distracting and hid my Pantons) and find some things for a centrepiece. I love it. I am so happy to have something straight to eat off of, and I am no longer embarassed to have people over for a meal.

There’s a few more photos over at my kitchen blog.

kim. says:

🙂 Glad you all like it! How about a dinner party to christen it? You're ALL INVITED! (heeheehee)

your kitchen is spectacular! to be honest when i scrolled from the older table photo to the new one, it popped, much better with the new table. it compliments the surroundings, brings everything together and even your white chairs shine around it. they were a little lost and not as noticed with the old table. bravo on your purchase, at least in my opinion anyway!

kim. says:

Thank you for helping me justify my purchase avant garde!!

shut up! real people don't live in kitchens that amazing. A+++++

GORGEOUS! A perfect choice! I am drooling and swooning from afar. Sigh. 🙂

WOW…I love it!! The color of the wood looks amazing…and its a large table, but fits the space PERFECTLY.

Fabulous table to go in your fabulous kitchen! Have to say this kilim looks SO much better than the moo!

Christen says:

Almost exactly like my own dining table from Four Hands in Austin, except mine doesn't have the stretcher. Anyone know where to get an awesome hutch/display/storage cabinet for less than $1000? Hers is great!

never tired to take a look to your faboulous home!!

Kitchen Classics says:

this is one of the most gorgeous kitchen I've ever seen..Its my dream kitchen!

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