Hommage to vintage

Posted on Wed, 22 Jul 2009 by KiM

Happy hump day folks. In order to lift your spirits on this mid-week day I thought I’d share some thrifted, vintage eclectic goodness in the form of photography by Penny Wincer. I seriously could not love all these photos more. (See more Jo posted last year here).

Waxy says:

Beautiful photos! Love the chairs in the bottom two photos!

Norine says:

I'm with Waxy! The chairs (and the rooms) in the bottom two photos are very very striking.

naphtali says:

Oh I love all of these spaces. Perfect!

Love Penny's work. She captures this look so well.

Sam says:

I love how everything is on a smaller scale. It makes things look so cozy and cute.


Sam @PrettyLovely

love the top photo 🙂

Avi says:

This one would be awesome as a first apartment!!!

love your blog!!

Ohhh, I love that winged wall piece.

Well, except for the scantily-clad model that would make me feel downright Rubenesque (my issue, I realize), I'd gladly take any and all of these interiors. Vintage rules. Of course. 🙂

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