Katie Lockhart

Posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Too good for product promotion and, come on if you were honest, too good for the little ones. These irresistible dollhouses (or is that Bauhaus models…wink, wink… too good for the little ones remember) are the styling work of New Zealander Katie Lockhart. Originally created as a promotion for Resene, showcasing their Karen Walker paint range, they reference the Bauhaus School of the 1920s. See you can tell the kids they’re models, then close the door and play with them yourself. If only they were in production!

But Katie’s talents don’t end there. Take a look at these clever paint collages she did for Inside Out magazine. I remember sticking post-it notes on the magazine pages to bookmark these when I first saw them.

And the best for last. I’ve seen these rooms before but never knew they were Katie’s work. Now I want to paint my floors!

i can't EVEN with the yellow floors. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
sunny yellow floors everyday? yes.
and those dollhouses are pretty fabulous as well. if they weren't 32398728370349dollars i would most likely buy one for my 4 year old.

The sad thing about the dollhouses (if they were in production) is that kids do appreciate that stuff. My sister had a MCM dollhouse a neighbor had hand made and although we obviously didn't know it or appreciate it as such, I could never see the appeal of the colonial dollhouses…

Kate Lockhart is very talented. And I laughed out loud when I scrolled to the end and saw the enormous bunny! Where can I get one to put in *my* house? 😉

Waxy says:

Silly rabbit trying to get through the hallway!

kate says:

Seriously, that bunny rabbit is INSANE. how random.

CWID says:

Saw Katie's work a while ago on one of my favorite blogs Stork Bites Man, its so magnificent! As for the rabbit, I can't help but thank Jeff Koons, thanks Jeff!

Now that is my kind of doll house!!

Sarthak says:

wow ! the giant bunny is such an innovative way to add a surprise element in the house !

I love the giant rabbit in the corner!

Lindsay says:

Amazing yellow floors. I'm curious about the bandaid-coloured trim, both baseboard and door frames. I'm trying to think back to art school colour theory to work out why she's done that – a very strange move! I can't decide if I like it or not. The yellow floors are sublime but then that foundation-makeup colour really jumps out at me. I wonder what the decision-making process there was – anyone? Sometimes you need a third mitigating colour – I'm just curious.

At age 7, I dreamed of living in a modern architecture house. These would have been my perfect doll house. They still are. If they were in production now, I might have asked for one this Christmas.

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