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Posted on Thu, 30 Jul 2009 by KiM

The Stockholm architecture firm of Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff are an über-talented group of three who create modern residential masterpieces. I don’t imagine anyone living in these homes would ever want to leave. I sure as hell wouldn’t. You’d have to bury me among the rocky landscape.

I love houses where big windows replaces the walls between inside and outside…

Alicia says:

Breathtaking. I'd never need the television, as I'd be lost in nature always. I'd love to see this home in winter with all the snow. It must take on a haunting quality.

Georgia says:

Gorgeous! I 'd love to live there…not so good with dogs and children though…all that glass.

Cussot says:

I'd love to see this house photographed in winter – I'm guessing the snow light and that landscape outside would be stunning.

Kelsi says:

I am moving into this now yes thank you

Michelle says:

Thanks so much for the intro and link to this firm…I'm off to check it out.


becky says:

Absolutely takes my breath away!

superman says:

They need a real espresso machine and grinder in that kitchen.
A chromed out La Marzocco GS3 with a
WBC K Grinder!!! How about a MIELE
for vac. purposes!…To match the
whole high end design!….
speaking of which i wonder what kind
of vac. they really have…wouldn't
it be funny if it was some cheap one.
Wait? what am i talking about they have Maids do the cleaning for sure!

Bianca says:

Oh my god. I am actually speechless. This is so so SO amazing. Thank you for posting this. Your blog is so amazing. I cannot even describe on how overwhelmed I am at the moment. This is my first time visiting your blog and I've been stuck on here for the last few hours and I cannot take my eyes off the screen. BTW I came across your blog VIA karla's closet (she is amazing herself). This is my first visit on like an architectural type blog as I usually just visit fashion blogs, although I am studying architecture, I've never really thought about looking at architectural blogs. I am so overwhelmed. Thank you sooooo much! You guys are amazing. Please continue to inspire because I know you have inspired me so much!!

All my love,
from Bianca!

kim. says:

Awww, thanks Bianca! So glad we've inspired you. That's what we're here for. 🙂 (And ever since Karla added us to her blogroll and I found out via our stats, I've been hooked on her blog – the first fashion blog I've ever followed. She inspired me to go to Montreal a few weeks ago and spend a ton of $$ on new clothes).

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