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Posted on Thu, 30 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Yes you read right… reader’s home. Laura from NYC emailed us these pictures of her rental. Yes you read right… rental. Apparently she’s been looking at Desire to Inspire religiously to find inspiration for the most recent apartment she rented in NYC. Laura didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so she did a lot of the decorating by painting the walls with frames and buying furniture on eBay. (Laura I need to know your secret sources on eBay! Spill the beans! And seriously those windows are to die for.) Sadly Laura may be leaving her apartment soon as she is bidding to buy a place in the west village in NYC and is already pulling 100’s of pictures for inspiration. Don’t feel too sad if you don’t get the new place though Laura. Your current home is perfect!

Just to round it out another picture of the bedroom (artwork by Russell Young) but this time with a gratuitous dog in shot. Hehe it’s Laura’s frenchie Alaia.

kim. says:

Laura, your place is sleek and hip and hot. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing it with us, and can't wait to see your next space!

Love the idea of putting the desk at the end of the bed. Great space saver, not that this house needs spacesaving.

stella says:

phenomenal! i really really dig it!

Suzy says:

Very chic indeed!

Marte N. says:

Whoa! How perfect is that!? I love it!

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT. LOVE IT!!! So chic and elegant! And whyyyyyyyyy for Pete's sake would anyone wanna leave such a gorgeous home, even if it's a rental?!

Laura, if you do find another home…can I please have this appartment? Can I live there?! PLEAZZZZZZZZ?! e-mail me 😀

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August says:

Fabulous, fabulous place. Laura is a landlord's dream! The furnishings look expensive and have a designer feel. I love how the drapes disappear right into the ceiling. I hope Laura offers more detail on how she got it all done. Would love to see how her new place turns out too.

I LOVE this! She definitely has a cohesive style…just gorgeous.

OK it's OFFICIAL- Laura has my dream Rental/home.
I cant imagine what her new place (if she gets it) will look like. What does she do for a living…??!? WOW
Wonder what this place is renting for??….$

Iris says:

I just love this appartment! Very chic, I really like the way she painted the frames on the walls. I cannot believe this is a home that didn't cost a lot of money.. I need to check out what ebay has to offer.. 🙂


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