Vangelis Paterakis

Posted on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Want to get lost in a portfolio that is so spectacular that you won’t be able to tear yourself away until every image is devoured? My new photographer crush is Vangelis Paterakis. Beautiful, beautiful photographs of equally stunning buildings. It is easy to see that Paterakis is a talented artist and that’s not only with the camera. His work has been in Wallpaper, the Architectural Digest and the Andrew Martin-Interior Design Review. There are so many interior stories on his website that I decided to feature just one. It highlights Paterakis’ understanding of light, how he captures the essence of a space and how he tempts us with each image to explore further. The house is an idyllic Greek retreat complete with Mediterranean view, a modern home anchored solidly in the past.

Still here? Rush now to Paterakis’ website.

Oh no! Why are you running ads for the Mormons? Very disappointing. Please reconsider. Thanks.

Jaime says:

That view is amazing! I am dying to go to Greece.

kim. says:

the carolyn, commenting in a post about our ads is not really appropriate. And we don't have a say in what those ads display. Thanks.

I'd like to comment about THIS POST and say GORGEOUS!!!!!

Kim, I'm a daily reader and a great fan of your blog (and this post). I've also supported a number of design-related businesses that advertise on your blog.

It seems far more inappropriate, though, for your top ad to suggest I check out the Holy Bible than it is for me to register my disappointment with the ad placement. And certainly somebody who's reading this blog has a say in what these ads display, because the ad in question has now disappeared.

I apologize for posting this in the comments and not emailing you & Jo directly.


Kelsi says:

Want want WANT! Please! Now! Love! Can't catch breath. Makes sentence structure difficult. Drool.

kim. says:

I am honestly sorry the ad offended you 'the carolyn' and anyone else. I am frankly kind of surprised that an ad religious in nature appeared. If you have issues with this, you'll have to take it up with Martha Stewart's people. We just display the ad in it's space and it rotates random advertisers.

Beautiful images of a gorgeous home. I keep looking at them over and over… I am amazed at how such a cave-like space can feel so bright and inviting at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

WONDERFUL photographer – THANK YOU for posting – as an architect turned architectural photographer (and recent blogger who just found your blog!), I truly appreciate the way he sees light and detail… I love it!! And I want to GO to Greece!!! (Been loving your other architecture stories this week, too!)

What a beautiful escape this would be!

I realy like your blog, see this, i think you would like:

sorry for my poor english


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