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Mariana’s House

Posted on Wed, 15 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

It’s our last reader’s makeover as guest blogger and interior designer Jason Martin helps Mariana with the finishing touches to what is an amazing Brazilian build. Mariana is is afraid that things are just a little too white and cold. It’s our last chance to eavesdrop on these designer/client conversations. Jason has now helped 5 of our readers with their homes and I’ve been inspired by them all. Thank you so much Jason. I know how much time and creative energy goes into all of these e-consultations. You have been very generous! Now it’s on to Mariana’s home. Remember Mariana does the “DIY” after Jason adds the “+”.

Mariana’s email: 

I´ve been inspired by Desire to Inspire since my house began to be projected. Now, in the finishing process,I feel comfortable to ask for some help.

My dad developed this project according to his dream-house: a integrated place, where all the family could spend time together in the same living, involved by a green area. In comparison to other places in Brazil, this house is placed in a chilling area (top of the hill). As my dad owns a metallurgy industry, he developed a metal roof supported by a metal tower. We always imagined a clean place, however, we think it´s everything too white and pale. We are asking for some tips and ideas of colours!

A prior need is to hide these bedroom doors. We thought about doing it with a wood panel, which should also be used to place the television (inside the tower). Wood will also be used on the floor!

Also, we don’t have an idea to the external surface, as the house is jammed in green vegetation.


Can you give me the overall dimensions for the space?

What are the top three things you want to address in the space?

Mariana’s top three things:

  • Colors (walls, stairs, rail, doors…) – my dad tried some pale green on the upstairs walls and it seems fine.
  • How to get some privacy to both bedroom doors and what to do with the tower (TV or fireplace).
  • Pieces of furniture (table, chairs, sofa …).

Jason’s Notes:


I think you have a great space to build from and would look to some of the amazing architects that are working in Brazil for inspiration. You can find beautiful spaces similar to yours by one of my favorites, Isay Weinfeld.

Without knowing what wood/finish you are using on the floor I am going to give you two different color palettes to work from.

As for the tower – I would think a fireplace is a better anchor for the room than a television.

Inspirations for cool tones

Inspiration for warm tones

Furniture Styles

Art & Accessories

Thanks again Jason! I love it. You can see all of Jason’s DIY+ guest posts here.

C.W. Eisner

Posted on Tue, 14 Jul 2009 by KiM

I am a big fan of decor when it’s a mix of sophistication and a high comfort level. California based C.W. Eisner is that – muted tones, ethnic details here and there, and some really gorgeous timber furniture. Oh, there’s that gorgeous backsplash…

Christopher Gaona

Posted on Tue, 14 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Oh my what’s a girl to do when she finds an interior designer’s portfolio that is overflowing with refined yet relaxed high end interiors? Why show as many as I can! Californian designer Christopher Gaona is a man who understands elegance, creates rooms with sophisticated layers but just when you think you’ve got him pegged he pulls out a Palm Springs classic or a Beverly Hill mid-century with a twist. Aspirational lifestyle, inspirational interiors.

Healing Barsanti

Posted on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 by KiM

Some time ago Jo blogged about the fresh and vibrant designs created by Patricia Healing and Dan Barsanti of Healing Barsanti. I love the vibe of their spaces and was delighted to find many more photos I could show off to you all. There’s something about a mostly white space with bold hits of colour in small doses that makes my heart skip a beat.

Mimmi O’Connell

Posted on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

With a fusion of Asian and European aesthetics interior designer Mimmi O’Connell brings a calm and elegant sensibility to her rooms. Linen is mixed with iron and timber, whitewash with Asian antiques and world travel finds. It’s a look that is evocative of warm lazy afternoons, a siesta in Southern France or Tuscany. Fine wine and a fine life surrounded by simple yet fine things.