XTEN Architecture

Posted on Mon, 3 Aug 2009 by KiM

Today is a civic holiday here (making it a 4 day weekend for me – YAY!) and I think the 8th day this summer where we’re not expecting rain, so I have got to get off my laptop and get my butt outside and enjoy this weather while it lasts. But first, a little bit of award-winning modern architecture by XTEN Architecture, a firm located in Los Angeles, that is bound to knock your socks off.

They do an amazing job of merging the structures with the environment. Beautiful!

I agree with thriftylittleblog. The line between inside and out is so beautifully blended.

consider my socks knocked.

Waxy says:

Amazing! Love the black bathtub with a view and the huge open great room area with the wooden beams – fantastic!

Karyn says:

The first 8 pics are of a house in Los Angeles that we rented when we shot Spread, a movie starring Ashton Kutcher that comes out on Aug 14. Check it out in the film. It made going to work so enjoyable. One day I'd like to buy that house. It was amazing.

kim. says:

Thanks for the info Karyn! Would be worth seeing the movie just to get glimpses of that house…ok, and Ashton!

Jocke says:

I saw spread last night, a preview show here in Stockholm.
I was just gonna say that it was the same house!
The house did indeed look amazing. The movie kind of… sucked IMHO.

I look forward to the movie so i can see more of the ouse. What a great set of photos. Very inspirational

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