Wingårdhs through a special lens

Posted on Tue, 4 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

More Scandinavian design and once again a great demonstration of understanding the site and how a building can relate to its environment. Swedish architectural firm Wingårdhs designed both these houses. Wide walls of glass address the views while private areas provide a warm cocoon. It’s the spectacular and the everyday. Today’s post is also a celebration of great photography. Åke E:son Lindman takes an already impressive design and adds the drama through his clever photography. Not just light or angles or composition it’s his understanding of the architecture itself. Both websites will delight you.

Amazing houses! They exist in harmony with nature and are inspired by nature! Love this idea!

Brandi says:

It's incredible how this home really takes advantage of the incredible views surrounding it and plays with how the sun lights the room. It has such a beautifully organic feel to it, like you're both indoors and outdoors at the same time. This house is an absolute dream.

Wingårdhs does such an amazing job with such simple materials. Their work really exist as much as sculpture as architecture, we get a clear sense of form, light, and thew interplay of the 2. Oh, and I love the glowing orb in the attic bedroom…included it in a post on 'Humble architecture' last week.

Your posts are such a pleasure!

Who knew that a Swede could embrace the color green! Simple and just beautiful. Me like!

what beautiful spaces! Clean and simple but warm and inviting at the same time..what wonderful inspiration 😉

So peaceful and such clean lines!

Such a breath of fresh air!

Wish I could move in, beautiful!!

A lovely mix of angular, natural configurations and wonderful hits of sunshine. Thanks for the peek into this home.
Lee Tran

wow – that brings tranquil to a whole other level – love it!

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