Two sides of the same coin ….

Posted on Wed, 5 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

…. an Australian coin that is. I’ve been real estate stalking again this time in Sydney and came across two stunning homes for sale. Talk about polar opposites! Strangely I’m drawn to both. Which one does it for you? The gothic rock star 70s glam or the minimalist modern with that knock out view? Links here and here while they last.

painted. says:

Gothic Rock Star!

I'll take one of each, please.

Ivy Lane says:

Love the mod home!!!

Michelle says:

I'll take #2…PLEASE

kim. says:

I'd take #1 as long as they left everything but took the art with them.

Claire says:

I like both BUT if I really had to choose I think I'd take number 1.

Anonymous says:

The modern!!!!

Saffronia says:

I love the minimalist one. I would feel so peaceful and serene there!

Lindsay says:

Rock star, hands down. The second seems generic to me, in both decor and architecture, but the first is like wow. I agree about the paintings, though; 70s mod house, but bad 80s artwork. But the parties!!

oooh. love um!

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