Stalking in Surry Hills

Posted on Mon, 10 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

Up to my old tricks real estate stalking in Sydney. Here while the link lasts.

Wow! amazing apartment! do you know who that painting was done by? the one with the pegasus woman and the trees.

jeanine says:

This place is amazing! I especially love the indoor/outdoor kitchen with the long bench.

Magda says:

What is with the wild cross-processing on this and the other one recently?? RE Agents using artistic license yet again…:-P

kim. says:

I too adore that kitchen. And I chuckled when I realized that this home seems about as narrow as mine.

Lindsay says:

Why is Australia so much cooler than North America? Not a rhetorical question. Excellent design, as usual.

Anonymous says:

The pegasus painting is by Amanda Upton a sydney based artist.

That kitchen is so fantastic. What a great solution to the narrow space. You would get a sense of barbequing whilst cooking. Would almost make cooking every night enjoyable.

Oh wow! Love it, my bags are packed when can I move in?

amanda says:

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! A friend just sent me a link to this site…I'll miss my little house and my green sink!!!

AphroChic says:

Crazy amazing! What a cool home.

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