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Posted on Tue, 11 Aug 2009 by KiM

For a while now, Jo and I have occasionally done posts of pets on furniture. We thought they made cute add-on posts to our regularly scheduled programming here at DTI, and we plan to continue with them for as long as our readers keep sending in photos. This blog stems from our passion for interior design, but we also have a pretty serious love for animals (Jo has budgies and a golden lab – her husband’s guide dog, and I have 6 cats plus feed 6 stray/neighbour’s cats). I wanted to give a bit of an explanation for all you newcomers to the blog so you see where we’re coming from with these somewhat random posts. We thought we’d tie it into the theme of the blog by requesting the photos feature a bit of readers’ homes as well. So there you have it – now back to the post.

First off, Ryan, of this blog and this Etsy store. “I am very involved with dog rescue, and somehow I have ended up with many more dogs than I ever intended to have. While my photo isn’t the greatest quality, I wanted to pass it along anyway. Especially since I don’t think you guys have ever featured a photo of this many dogs at once! And just because I like to brag about my fur-kids, two of them are registered Delta Society Pet Partners and they visit nursing homes and hospitals with me to bring a little puppy love into others’ lives.” Ryan, you may be right about this being the most dogs in one photo! They are all adorable and I commend you for rescuing so many and having 2 of them spreading the love to those who could use some lovin’.

Sandra, whose dining room makeover we’ve featured, sent along some photos of her cats Lulu and Schmoo (who loves tomatoes – seriously???). Cutie patooties!!

And lastly, I thought I’d share a photo I took of my cat Lucky (and Milo) sleeping flat on his back on one of the sections of my sofa that I keep under the window for the cats to perch on. In this photo he is fast asleep and, as someone on Flickr put it, “airing out his boy bits”.

Blue Muse says:

Hi Kim!
Our two Huskies are always on the furniture and I love these photos – the one of your lucky made me laugh outloud. I actually won't buy pieces that my dogs won't look good on. So take that, Sabastian… Pfffffft. 🙂 (said in love!)
Life is meant to enjoy, don't take it so seriously.
xo Isa

kimberly says:

LOVE that end table. It looks like a garden stool that's been customized/painted? Where did it come from?

that last photo is absolutely wonderful.

That is the funniest pictures I've seen in ages. What a total charater!

I'm really late to this discussion as I haven't been near the blog in a day (how did that happen!) but I love it when readers send in photos whether they be of their homes or the pets they share their homes with. I know some people just want a constant force feed of design and dislike any deviation from that but sometimes Kim and I want to indulge our love of all things furry and four legged. We think of it as a personal break from all the hard work we put into this blog for you guys and as such will continue to either thrill you or bore you with fidos and felines on chairs beds and the occasional designer rug 🙂

Awwhhhh that pic of lucky is classic! love it…thanks…its cheered me up on another boring day in work!!!

I wish I was the cat in the last picture.

Anonymous says:

Kimberly, the garden stool is from Target. Got it on the cheap as it was reduced by half. Thanks, Sandra

Wow. People can really lack civility, and self-responsibility, these days. I know how to deal with blogs and posts that annoy me — look away. Let those who enjoy enjoy.

These animal posts? I enjoy. In fact, this entire blog is marvy and keeps me coming back.

By the way, the pic of Lucky has already become one of my all-time favorite kitty cat shots.

Blog on, DTI women, animals and all.

kim. says:

Thank you carlita dee. 🙂

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