Kitchens with open shelving

Posted on Wed, 12 Aug 2009 by KiM

I love open shelving in kitchens. ALOT. Only thing is the dirt/grime that can collect on your kitchenware. Not a fan of that. Regardless, I think every kitchen should have some open shelving, even if it’s just one shelf (this is all I’ve got) to display some of your favourite dishes or glasses or anything really. Anyone out there not a fan of open shelving in kitchens? (I might convert those folks once they see the photos below).

e-architekt This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work)
Apartment Therapy Aqua Vitae Design
Ellen McDermott House Beautiful
The New York Times Katie Sellers
Graham Atkins-Hughes Sköna hem

Love those stainless cabinets!

My favourite is the Marie Clare Maison.I love stainless steel paired with rustic elements…the combination of industrial with organic works for me every time.Great post.

Elyse says:

I especially love that first photo! I used to keep my clothing in open shelving and it seemed to get a little dusty…For dishes, I would keep the stuff I use everyday in open shelving, but I would definitely want my less-used pieces behind glass. It would be such a drag to have to wash my dishes every time I used them!

I so, so love open shelving but just can't seem to pull it off in my kitchen. I'm forever moving things around on the one open shelf/window ledge in ours and I'm never happy with it. Sigh.

I hadn't really considered open shelving before but now that i see these pictures, i can see it really works in some places. Maybe for my next kitchen.

i am totally in love with this look and have been since forever – i just need more pantry space to hide the mess so I can reveal the pretty stuff! thanks for gathering an inspiring collection.

Peggy says:

Oh what a post! I'm having heart palpitations. I didn't need to be converted – I already dream of an open kitchen. But this post confirms it! Gorgeous!

Does anyone know of anyway to cut down on dust? My place is incredibly dusty!

Anonymous says:

Beautiful, especially the last picture, I wish I could have this. For living in NorCal, however, somewhat unpractical … I would be afraid to loose the pretty stuff when it rumbles underneath – thus, I have a few glass front cabinets in the kitchen. Also, little children, a somewhat unorganized husband and full time job make for a lot of mess anyway, and I don't need one more place to keep clean and organized.

Anonymous says:

Kim, awesome post. I like just small stainless steel shelves to hold everyday items such as glasses, a coupla mugs and small snack dishes. I'm a BIG fan of no cupboards above my counter whatsoever. So all windows or all art inspire my imagination (I have all windows going right down to the counter height and I use undercounter drawers to store my dishware, etc.). What great examples though of open shelving. –Ruth

manvi says:

awesome post Kim. I love all the images. first thing i did when we moved into our home is rip out all the cabinets and installed open shelves. they look great, not nearly as nice as your pics but it makes everything so accessible! thanks for sharing

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