OK so I was stalking again

Posted on Wed, 12 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

…. and I found this little gem. On a tiny vacant lot between period terraces Kavellaris Urban Design have not only created an environmentally sustainable family home but pushed the envelop of what we think of heritage values and the cultural significance of the built environment. It’s not just a “decorated shed” though but a space that reacts with and to its inhabitants as well as challenging what is private and what is public. Now for sale, you’ll find the real estate link here while it lasts.

This is sensational
You keep showing great places I would love to live In

Blue Muse says:

I love the photo from behind the little girl looking out the window – seeing the interior of this house and looking out at the 2 traditional houses across the street – it's like looking into 2 worlds at once – it's a stunning and profound shot.
I love your stalking. Stalk on!
xo Isa

Wow – some great ideas here.


Anonymous says:

Great idea, except for the painted patio/yard with the girl – she looks kind of lonely, and all is too orderly and empty (perhaps I am just jealous because my house and backyard are a playhouse that is never orderly, even if picked up ….)

Sarah says:

This is an incredible idea. Not something I'd want to live in, but it's always nice to see interesting ideas like this, and I just love that this was even built.

amyks says:

That place is so fantastic…thanks for sharing!

sublime piece i just love it !!

kim. says:

This place is fantastic, and so cheeky.

I'm pretty sure this place has been featured in an australian design magazine, tried to find it for some more info for you guys but to no avail. Sorry.

AphroChic says:

Oh my goodness. This is incredible! I've never seen anything like this.

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