Lori Graham

Posted on Thu, 13 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

Remember this photo from earlier this month? I found it in photographer Eric Johnson’s portfolio. So often we never find out the designer or stylist responsible for the room itself. Not this time. All these gorgeous rooms are by interior designer Lori Graham. And her style? It’s old world meets urban cool. It’s layering and textures, brave colour choices and a modern twist on elegance. It’s perfectly lovely!

Britt says:

Beautiful! I am especially in love with the wallpapers and the lighting. LOVE the lighting!

Love her style. These are wonderful with rooms and great color choices.

"Old world meets urban cool" What a great way to describe her style. Loved each and every space.

Tricia – Avolli

Peggy says:

I love the art! Especially the mostly-orange piece in the bedroom. What is that – a woman in an evening dress?

Anonymous says:

Jo, your descriptions are just so consistently wonderful and accurate! When I try to explain my husband's work, I look at your descriptions for inspiration because they leap right over professional jargon and syrupy speak and just nails what is unique about the designer's work. Really yummy.

Peggy says:

Had to take another look – just so lovely. I adore the large bowl with the pillows in it. And Jo, I agree with anon – your descriptions are wonderful.

manvi says:

i like how you describe her work. all the images are so sophisticated. i really like the wallpaper headboard.

Magchunk says:

I really love those red trimmed shades. Like that her work is fairly traditional and formal but still feels accessible. Great taste in art – I was drawn over and over to what was hanging on the walls!

She can come and design my home anytime! ~Tracy

Your design elements are beautiful. Color, lighting and texture all come together for a perfect effect. Thank you for sharing.

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