Reader’s home in Sydney

Posted on Mon, 17 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

I love seeing inside the homes of our readers. (I love seeing how people live all over the world.) Suzie lives in a semi-detached (semi) in Sydney with her family. A big fan of Scandinavian style she emailed apologies that the photos haven’t been styled. This is her home as it is everyday. I love the floors, the Tolomeo lamps, the wooden window shutters, the bathrooms are to die for while her little ones’ bedrooms have charming vintage touches. Know what I like the best? The ugg boots on the floor, the toys as important floor decor and the ironing on the kitchen table. The house itself isn’t what is precious. The family inside is what is important.

Jenny says:

What a wonderful home. Jo you got it right about the importance of the people inside. But this is still a lovely home 😉 I can see that first picture in a magazine.

kim. says:

I agree with Jenny about the first photo. What a fantastic kitchen! I'm with Jo – love all the Tolomeos and the built-in media center. Lovely home Suzie!!!

This is such a perfect family home – very kid-oriented. I agree with Kim about the kitchen being fantastic. It's so open and warm that I can see myself being in there with the kids ALOT (my kitchen is so small that I hate being in it longer than I absolutely have to). Great job Suzie!

love this house!! so cosy and welcoming, the floor is beautiful, what kind of floor is it? the kitchen is so nice too!

Anonymous says:

I love everything about your house Suzie. I bet it looks so much better in real life too. Can I ask where you got those adorable dear pillows?

Anonymous says:


Thank you for the compliments. The floor is American Oak with a light white wash over it. The pillows are actually from France but purchased from a store called Lola et Moi in Balmain Sydney.


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