Yellow(y) walls

Posted on Tue, 18 Aug 2009 by KiM

OMG….how did you know that picture of the yellow bathroom with the acyriic chandelier, glass shower hooks and sunny yellow walls is one of my favorite bathrooms ever?

I think we are all obsessed with yellow right now, no!! I have seen lots of posts on yellow and I have written a yellow post myself, but the color makes me happy every time! This is a fabulous selection of images in a whole range of styles. Desiretoinspire you have done it again!

We have a pale yellow kitchen which is the sunniest and most uplifting room in the house…..yellow simply elevates my mood.
Beautiful post!

I do like golden tones in a room. The bright yellows, not so much. But, I've gone through my yellow phase and am now in that grey/green phase!

Amy says:

Lovely interiors!
We have a mid/light yellow in the living room and it always seems so cheerful. The painter thought we were crazy but it looks great with the furniture.

I painted my dining room yellow about 18 months ago. At first, when it was done, I was a little worried, because it was so bright – but it turns out to be the best decorating move I have ever made! It is the cheeriest room in the house and never fails to lift our spirits … yellow paired with dark wood and lilac accents really lifts the formal look.

so much inspiration-I am particuarly liking the zesty lemon and orange colours which have been artfully woven into the classic old rooms-nice!

Georgia says:

Swoon! I had no idea how much I needed a yellow wall!

oooohhhh.. I heart.. I heart.. and love them all!! I so need a greenish – yellow wall!!! Lovely!! thanks for inspiring me..

Jules says:

wowza! love all the bright yellows – so fresh and cheerful.

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