Max Attenborough

Posted on Thu, 20 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

One moment so pretty, bright, white, overflowing with peony pink and girly delights. The next moment dark and vintage, rough and indie. Meet my new photographer crush Max Attenborough. Imagine being faced with a stylist’s imagination gone wild and then having to capture not only the look but the feel. Max fearlessly faces all the foibles a stylist can muster to bring us these stunning shots. Great work!

Kiley says:

Very nice embroider on the standard issue blah ikea couch! Now I wish I had one!!

HI All, I'm one of the stylists who worked on a few of these shots with Max – I received a tip-off that my fabric chair pic amongst others is on here so thought I'd take a peek and very flattered by the lovely comments! If anyone's interested, I actually fabric decoupaged the chair myself (link to the how-to article via my blog). I've also posted a few other photos we shot together that aren't featured here so do check it out.
@ Jamaicabyles and Erica, the macrame wallhanging was actually made by my Mum in the 70's – I love it! This was from our Abigail's Party-inspired shoot hence the retro feel.
@ Christine – this isn't one of my shots but I recognise the bus roll blind, it's from Pedlars (

Christine says:

Thank you kim and Craft Hacker!!! Why I didn't realize it was from the old Routemaster buses… that's why they looked so familiar!!!

I'm so please to see Max getting a bit of blog love it's so well deserved, he's a great photographer, with a fantastic eye and so lovely to work with. I'm the lucky owner of the old bus blind {a gift from my lovely other half}, he found it Ebay

just drooling as all!

jessica says:

Some nice versions of the UK Transit Route Signs are also available at

jessica says:

Above link to some nice versions of the UK Transit Route Signs should have been:

Greg says:

Thanks for the inspiration to look up bus blinds. The site I came across was – Pedlars was sooo expensive. Anyway I bought a "Sorry Not In Service" I guess you can imagine why, every other bus that used to come past me on my way to work when I was a youth bore this sign. And I also bought a To and From Lords. But they are lovely people to deal with and very quick at shipping the framed signs.

mina says:

Love the dress form and the hidden Union Jack on the inspiration board. Awesome photos!

Jay says:

I love the bus blinds. I recently purchased a Route No.9 from they were very friendly and helpful and I didn't think it was overly expensive.

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