M.J. Lanphier

Posted on Mon, 24 Aug 2009 by KiM

Matthew J. Lanphier designs spaces that are confident, contemporary and comfortable. Graphic elements and bold accent colours that flow with ease. Mid-century cool mixes with Hollywood Regency glam. Love the energy, and I’m so pleased M.J. emailed us about his work so we could share it with all of you.

iLa says:

This is great! I love the carpet on the 4th last picture!

Wonderful use of colour.

Anonymous says:

"confident, contemporary, and comfortable"– so aptly put! It's so difficult unifying a smattering of great furniture. This particular designer gave me some great ideas for my home! Thanks.

I love the work… but looking all the photos made me realize that they all have one thing in common…the blanket effect..

Does anyone know what kind of house plant that is in the 5th photo down? The room with the yellowish/green walls. I have always loved those but I don't know what they are!

kim. says:

I wish I knew Amanda – love the oversized leaves on it.

Amazing work, thanks for sharing! I especially like how the designer plays with scale. It can be tricky, but he pulls it off!

Ok, I think I figured it out. That plant must be a "fiddle leaf ficus"…


kim. says:

OH! Great job researching that Amanda! I'm taking note of the name for future reference. 🙂 Thanks!

Rich says:

yay! i'm so glad that you posted Matthew's work! He's a great friend and talented designer!

all best,
ink PR
Los Angeles

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