Posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2009 by KiM

My sister found this website the other day and I had to share this burst of sunshine. If you haven’t heard of Rice before, they’re a totally fun and colourful shop with sales offices across Europe and showrooms in Denmark, Holland and Germany that carries just about anything you can think of. Bags, bath products, clothing, home decor, jewelry, kitchenware, my favourite – Italian tableware and much more. It’s all about colour and pattern and whimsy and everything is so adorable I can hardly stand it. Their product shots are so cute I want to go to the hardware store and stock up on every bright shade of spray paint they carry.

pamwares says:

i knew I liked color but I didn't know I liked it this much! I love each and everyone of these photos. it was like happiness and more happiness and more happiness.

This blog is so full of beautiful things I think my eyeballs just OD'd.

Dianna says:

Thank you, I've never heard of Rice.
Love the colors!

I love Rice! They make very nice bohemian and whimsical stuff!

So bright! So much fun! Love the art in the first photo too.

just love this brand !!

natienka says:

Wow, that's fab 🙂 great inspiration on this boring day in London!

OMG… The colors are amazing. Hadn't heard for Rice, so thanks for sharing.

Tonya says:

Oh my goodness! I just love these photos! I have been thinking about painting the rooms in my home for some time now but truly lacked the inspiration and courage. These photos are just making want to run to the paint department and buy some colors…Now!

Sophie says:

Love their use of colour, so complete a look, particularly that lilac background.

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