Francesco Lagnese

Posted on Wed, 2 Sep 2009 by midcenturyjo

He joking calls it a disease and an incurable one at that. For our sake let’s hope Francesco Lagnese never gets over his urge to aim and shoot his camera. Then we’d be deprived of a prodigious talent. Fabulous portfolio. His personal work is at one moment serious and the next playful. Enjoy.

Maria says:

wow, that last room is like an indoor garden, so pretty!

stunning headboard and gorgeous rustic kitchen beside. that is my idea of good living.

Thank you for the inspiration.

KLEE says:

these are amazing!
may he never be cured from his self-claimed disease thn! lols

Amy says:

Beautiful! I really like that last one.

kim. says:

Damn you Jo! I had some of Francesco's photos all ready for a post in the near future. 😛

pinkorangered says:

i have to find out who designed the living room, pic 12 w/ the fireplace (one of those rooms so perfect and joyous…which renews my interest in interiors).

pinkorangered says:

pic 13, 2nd to last, sorry.

Is there a good reason photographers do not include credits of interiors, if they have been decorated, or homeowners names, if they're self done?

Do they not want names cluttering up their sites?
Seems like it'd be a great favor to designers, for letting them photo their work, of course.

boliyou says:

The close up of the metal headboard is awesome!

Jaime says:

Love this post- featured the headboard in my Friday Faves 🙂

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