Susie Sarlo

Posted on Wed, 2 Sep 2009 by KiM

Susie Sarlo of Beau Monde Interior Design (based in Northern California) emailed us to show off her brand spanking new website showcasing gorgeous photos of her work. To my amazement she is a self-taught designer. She clearly has a knack for this business. Her designs are “laid back California glam”, and she mixes styles while keeping comfort and functionality at the forefront. Here’s a little sample of what Susie has created.

RLG says:

I think I just peed my pants! Wow! It's been a long time since a designer has really knocked my socks off. That first kitchen is AMAZING, and not at all the cookie-cutter crap I'm so sick of seeing. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your find!

KLEE says:

loving it!
she is one talented designer

Trove Interiors says:

Thanks for posting about Susie. Her work is beautiful and it's nice to see a new talent. I look forward to following her.

Anonymous says:

hi There,
Just a clarification because I see the missue of the term "interior designer" all over the blogosphere. Like an architect, an interior designer must have a post secondary degree from an accredited I.D. program and pass a rigorous set of exams before he/she can call themselves an interior designer. If you're self-taught you may be talented but you cannot use the title 'interior designer'. You can use 'decorator'.

I love these all! The last bedroom is gorgeous with the large scale prints on the wall and bench. And I love how the windows allow the exterior to be part of the overall design.

Thanks for sharing!

Real cute! I am loving the dining table with the upholstered chairs!

Every single image is absolutely beautiful. I love the contrast of the lights with timber kitchen in the first image. So unexpected. They are all fantastic.

Anonymous says:

Yep, that's California, all right. The public areas are wonderful — I'm not so sure the bedrooms and private 'nooks' are restful or even easy to navigate. I just love the woodwork around the windows, and the modern design of the building. That was where the designer excelled — the absolute match interior to exterior.

Dianna says:

Loved the first images, long table that matches cabinets. Great change from usual island counter.

Wonderful interiors. Love that kitchen.

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