When you can’t make up your mind…

Posted on Thu, 3 Sep 2009 by KiM

Keni Valenti runs a retro-couture shop in New York City, and has a Miami Beach apartment where each room is either ALL white, or is painted out in a bold, vibrant shade of teal or green. Love this – it’s the best of both worlds.

Nuit says:

VERY different! wow, I love that black and white bedroom… just love it. Not so sure about the other rooms though 😉 xo

Anonymous says:

I don't think I can appreciate these rooms much, other than the huge risk this person took to decorate this place in such a way. Too each their own!

Love the blog by the way! 😉

It's a brave choice to make!

pinkorangered says:

so great!!
(i appreciate this a lot because although it would not be as ravishing, i've been scheming about an RV or mobile home someday, just a big rectangle, painted entirely teal on the outside,kelly green inside, everything, except a few round red n fuschia throw pillows on the couch nook.)
i love it all, ecpecially the kitchen, and best use of Marrimeko pilows there could be i think.

boliyou says:

I love the black and white room!

omg, i love this! it is SO miami!!
the white rooms….i've been so inspired by all-white rooms recently, that i'm considering doing at least one all-white space next time i re-decorate. i think the key to using one color is texture and more texture.
terrific post!

Mette says:

I would go insane in that white home :/

Michaela says:

I like this home. Probably because it is different. It is not "standard". Especially I like the kitchen corner with its green walls and the white furniture together with the decoration.

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