Flickr finds – bottles

Posted on Sun, 6 Sep 2009 by KiM

Lee says:

Absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to go out and collect a whole lot of old bottles. Lee 🙂

oh I LOVE this collection, so inspiring!!!

dy says:

wow, beautiful.

When we lived in the Solomon Islands (Guadlacanal) I bought a couple of old Coca-Cola bottles that are dated 1944 and 1942 from an old Scavenger at the market. I also bought an army water bottle. On the weekend I dug them out and placed a branch of Apple Blossom in each and put them up the centre of the dining room table. And now you post about bottles!

Loving all the bottles. A personal favourite is the pharmacy bottle.

riotwife says:

Yay, bottles! I love tsalanang's idea; too bad my husband & I are so accident prone!

Anonymous says:

Wow. The incidental bottles were great — and the 'enhanced' hollywood starlet collections were also great. Usually, I don't like set-ups that don't work in real life — but somehow this was different. Maybe it was the mouse.

I don't suppose you'd ask for mouse in the house pics, like you do dog on chair pics? Didn't think so.

Black says:

gorgeous post! I like your blog a lot. It really is inspiring. thanks!

lovely collection of photos. 🙂 i love most how the light comes through the colored bottles

My brother has the bottles of savanna dry! He got them in Swaziland

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