Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 7 Sep 2009 by KiM

Hi! After enjoying all the pet photos on your blog, I couldn’t resist. I had to send you a couple myself. These are my two Frenchies. They think the couch is their bed even though they have dog beds all over the house. And I don’t normally let them on the antique (white!) chair but I couldn’t resist posing him on it for a photo.

Tonight I was getting caught up on all of your fabulous postings and had to write — I just love your “creatures on furniture” series and thought I’d send you both a few of my pups, Bear and Daisy — just for fun.

I am a 43 years old nurse educator and manager, living with two cats in Istanbul. I used to have an other tom cat who was died last November in his age of 14. I decided not to have a cat at the beginning. I moved my home to the apartment just above my previous one in last July. Meanwhile I was looking at your photos with cats. I told myself I need a cat in my new flat. I was surfing the web side about free pet adoption. I found a nice lady. She is a Van swimming cat. One is blue and other is green. She is not % percent but still, she had two colored eyes. The advertisement about her, says one year old pregnant van cat. I decided to adopt her. In next telephone call, her owner told me she delivered 1 kitten. 2 days later They were in my apartment. Now the kitten is 2,5 months old. By the way I am living a very modest furnished apartment. I am still working on it. I am sending a few photos about my girls first. They were taken my Nokia mobile phone.
– Sibel

Our whippet rufus will come running everytime i take out the camera to photograph something in our apartment, so i have so many pictures of him posing on our furniture. Here are a few – love the blog!


Since I love your blog so much, and since you guys love dogs so much I wanted to send you pictures of my adorable dogs in LA! I hope you and your readers love the pictures as much as I do.


I saw your “Monday’s pets on furniture” feature and I thought I’d send you a picture of The Mini, a 5 year-old cat with a big attitude. He is the star of my own blog every Tuesday as I publish a special feature called “Mini Mardi” (Mini’s Tuesdays). He loves to take dramatic poses on my green velvet wing chair from Bombay (
Martine from Montréal

Every week I see the photos and think that I really need to send some to you! Back in the days when he was allowed on the furniture, Ridley made himself strangely comfortable.
– Nina

Here is our little puppers Iggy (or more formally Iggy Juilius Huggleman) hanging out in his favorite spot on the back of the sofa. I think it makes him feel big.

Because trimming this and stripping this took me the whole freaking weekend, I have SO many things to get done today before I go back to work tomorrow. And this being a holiday and all, I think I will call it a day with this post. Happy labour day!

OMG How cute!!!!!!!! I love these pictures. They are also very artistic and speak for good photographers. And these dogs are simply adorable. I love this post!

re: flickr pics – that door looks kind of cool just like that!

re: pets on furniture…very adorable! I'd send Chico pics, but he's not allowed on the furniture. I'd have to hide a nanny cam to catch him sneaking up on the couch, which he does if we don't put stuff all over it when we go out.

kim. says:

When Jack's not home just put Chico (and Charlotte) on the damn couch for a second and snap a photo. I'd love to include him in the next post!! 🙂

love this! i will have to send you a photo of my little brooklyn on our furniture!

Mary.- says:

i love loveee this pictures, i love dogs more than cats but theseones are so amazing, there are beautifully gorgeous. i have a dog a poodle one, he is nice too…greetings from Temuco, Chile.

ALL ARE SO CUTE! I wish i could contribute but i dont let my pups get on the furniture… 🙂

thank you so much for posting the photos of bear and daisy! xo

Francy says:

This cats is so perfect; I have one cat too, his name is Sushi and I probably post in my décor blog his photo with a furniture asap.

john says:

Out of all of the photos in my Flickr-stream, this one has the highest hit count.

kim. says:

*big smile* re: john's comment

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