A tale of two cities

Posted on Tue, 8 Sep 2009 by midcenturyjo

Real estate stalking again but I couldn’t make up my mind which house to feature. Only solution to that is to feature both. The first house is in Paddington, Sydney and all I can say is wow! Art, colour, art and more colour all with lashings of white. It’s hip, it’s fun and I’d kill for the artwork. No clue as to the design whizz on this one. Please put your hand up if it’s yours. Link here while it lasts.

The second house is in South Yarra, Melbourne and is the work of de Campo Architects. Here it’s the monochromatic, retro, warm timber and hard concrete vibe that is giving me goosebumps. Here’s the link.

Cyma says:

These are both pretty amazing though i like the first one more.


Kifus says:

I like the second house. The first one has too many bright colours though I must say the balcony is awesome!

Great pics, specially love the black wall in the first picture!

aussie aussie aussie!! love both of the houses. the riot of colour in the 1st, and the crispness of the second.

They are both stunning in their own ways.

I want that red door belonging to the first one. I've always wanted a red door!!

Linda. 🙂

Mimi says:

I love the contrast in the first home..and the art is really great. My favorite thing is that they even addressed the front door! Love that!

scisi says:

wow very cool inteiros i love the kitchen of the first house.:)xx

kim. says:

I LOOOOVE the first home – it's funky and looks about as narrow as mine!! I'm going to show it to my mom since she thinks my forest mural makes my living room seem smaller.

Waxy says:

I am suddenly feeling the urge to put a huge pink asterisk on my wall!!! Nice!

jessica says:

Love them both, but especially the first! I don't know if I could ever pull it off myself, but I love the funky vibe and play of color, and I especially love the front!

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