Caryn Grossman

Posted on Thu, 10 Sep 2009 by KiM

Caryn Grossman of CG Creative Interiors emailed us recently with photos of her absolutely incredible home and design studio in Atlanta that I am SO EXCITED to share. It’s located in an old telephone factory listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. I love what Caryn had to say about it in her email: “What I love most about the spaces in the building is that they are left raw — old concrete floors, peeling walls, columns and beams — so that every artist in the building can create their own imprint. Mine is like an ever-evolving installation, a kind of bohemian Paris apartment. To me, home is a place where my mind, and my hands, just wander free. And I love it.” I LOVE IT TOO!!! She constantly changes things around, and a friend of hers calls it a lab because she’s always experimenting with just about anything. It’s so funky, dramatic, creative, feminine and, well, HOT. So here we go, a tour of Caryn’s pad. (I can feel the pangs of jealousy from y’all already, and mine have yet to subside.)

The cat in the first image makes the whole. thing. so. perfect.

I need a kitten to decorate my home…

The house is full of colorful flowers, I love it. Her style is modern with elegance and grace. It’s very beautiful.

I love the pink chandelier. The design is very unique and feminine.

This is absolutely beautiful. So many inspiring details. I love the big empty frame in one of the bedrooms and the books and the flowers in the stair…just to mention a few things…

Caryn must have a beautiful soul! 🙂

Michaela says:

You are absolutely right, I'm so jealous. Only one further word: Wow!

Oh Wow!!

Mmm… green with envy!!
It is sensational

ooooOOOOO…so much pretty! ahhhhhh….

I need that lacy lucite table (or is it glass??)…so amazing…

Wow! That is so me serious eye candy!

Mélanie says:

beautiful details ! Love the lucite gueridon

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