Julien Oppenheim

Posted on Fri, 11 Sep 2009 by KiM

As seen earlier today we often feature beautiful spaces from the portfolios of talented photographers. And these spaces are most often perfectly styled for magazine spreads. This is not one of those posts. Since first blogging the works of photographer Julien Oppenheim I’ve been a huge fan of his. He brings so much drama and intrigue and moodiness to his photos that the subject matter comes second. He could photograph a rock and I’d still be smitten. He emailed to let us know his website has been updated and once again I am in awe, especially since his new photos are of REAL spaces that are very simple and this brings his skills to the forefront. So this post isn’t really about interiors, but about photography, and I’m taking notes.

KLEE says:

i love the rustic feel of it, its beautiful


love the juxtaposition of rough & refined in these images

you have fantastic taste in photographers.I ove them all!Thanks for sharing…..

Kathy says:

OMG! absolutely gorgeous photography. Love, love the rustic ones.

I think I'm in heaven! I could so easily and happily move right into these rooms 🙂

pamwares says:

the chairs are in the one white room remind of broken egg shells. Not sure that was the goal but i like it.

Simply stunning!

Ainsley says:

whoa, the carved-out stairs are too cool!

boliyou says:

I love those first two photos. Fantastic stairs and that terrific bathtub!

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