Flickr finds – desks

Posted on Sun, 13 Sep 2009 by KiM

KLEE says:

love the very first photo! love red

Christen says:

What beautiful work spaces! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Like your blog and especially like the post on desks, a furniture item in which I am addicted. But, sadly your blog is bogged down with so many ads, most of the time I have to abandon even reading your blog. It really does load up slowly – just thought you might want to know.

Oh, desks. Desks and studios – so close to my heart.

I can't even pick a favourite here, though I do like the ones with the extra little storage places.

I have to plug a photo of my desk here:

I used to have three desks joined together, for the extra space, but I kept knocking my knees on all the desk legs so my partner made me a legless one! We made it to fit those clear IKEA trays, to use as drawers.

Now I just need to learn how to hide all the power cords that come with desk-y things.

Some Girl says:

Now I really want to go buy one of these now. And maybe a typewriter to go with it.

kim. says:

sevenspelledout, sorry to hear our blog is slow for you. I don't have probs with it loading, nor does anyone I know.

AL, LOVE your legless desk!! (And the closet/storage).

knack says:

thank you so much for featuring my desk in the very top right photo ….with the yellow mirror…..

I am now motivated to rearrange my office! Thanks for the wonderful images!

Lori says:

beautiful collection! hee – thanks for including my sons' desk. :^)

my picture of my own desk is my most favorited on flickr!



Anonymous says:

Desks… oh, desks. The reason I haunt Craigslist unnecessarily. Invented before beds — pretty sure about that. Not sure about the winter wonderland wallpaper… working there too long would leave me wanting to strangle a Who.

It takes about 30 seconds to load your site — I guess in today's world, that's just forever!

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