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Posted on Tue, 15 Sep 2009 by midcenturyjo

Simplicity, balance, elegance and proportion. Shareen Joel and her design team take a multidisciplinary approach to their work. It’s just not interior architecture. Think creative branding management and product design even Shareen’s stint with Ford working on car design. The spaces here are clean and crisp. There is a form follows function, modern minimalist feel but these are not cold spaces. Natural materials or infusions of whimsical and personal touches warm the rooms. I’ve included some of SJD’s retail work as well. I always love checking out innovative retail and commercial spaces. I don’t know if it’s the industrial design influence or the interior architect one but the joinery details in SJD’s work give me goosebumps.

KLEE says:


some of them look a bit too minimalist to me, but wood makes minimalist interiors much warmer.. proportions are great!

Great style. My favourite photo would have to be that wonderful oval bath.

stunning. also a fan of the bath, and the live/work space.

wow, simply gorgeous, simply perfect. i love how a coffee table if left without the one single book placed on top, might look cold, but the book instantly changes the dynamic of the space. that is her specialty it seems, simplicity with touches of warmth..avoiding sterile. amazing! thanks for sharing. 🙂

Anonymous says:

Can smbdy please tell me how this white floral thing on the wall is done, on this picture: ?


kim. says:

Good question Anon (and I have no idea).

i love the window seat in the first photo and the island with built in basket cubbies!!

Iriska if you go to the website and look at the set of Bloom images you'll see the artist applying them to the wall.

Here's the link and arrow along.

Anonymous says:

Oh, thank you so much midcenturyjo!

Now, if only I could do that kind of thing myself 🙂


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