Tale of two cities continued

Posted on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 by midcenturyjo

As the housing market stagnates in my home town (don’t even get me started on the house we didn’t end up buying) I’m forced to real estate stalk once again in Sydney and Melbourne. Here’s what I found.

Nestled in a lush tiny garden in Bondi Junction in Sydney this timber house ticks all the boxes. White walls, dark floors, lashings of quirky style. Light bright and fun. Link here while it lasts.

This Abbotsford, Melbourne factory conversion in contrast is all stark brick, iron ceilings and retro fun. Fairy lights and chandeliers, midcentury and slick modern finishes in kitchen and bathroom. Warm and so cool. Link here while it lasts.

Louise says:

I've found my perfect interior! The factory conversion is stunning. Thanks so much for sharing x

i remember bondi junction! i love white walls with dark floors, what a cool pad!
the factory conversion is something truly spectacular. what they did with the ceiling/lighting is incredible. the place looks so warm and inviting, yet retains that wonderful industrial look.

Nat says:

this is gorgeous!

kim. says:

i too am sold on that factory conversion!!

Anonymous says:

Isn't the first house Fleur Wood's? Or am I tripping?

Kiley says:

What an interesting patchwork persian rug in pic 3!

@KLEE – I don't think the first place has that much "stuff" it just doesn't have the square footage of a warehouse. And they clearly love comfy couches. 😛

This place looks a bit small, BUT is soooooo well put together! I love the flowers and the artwork as well as the dark wall near dining area…! STUNNING as always! :)))))

Gilda says:

Does anyone know where to find those white arm chairs that first photo?

fantastic conversion! thanks for sharing.

wackywinter says:

I'd like to know if all the furnishings come along with the 600k-800k factory unit. I'd hate to buy the house and have to start decorating on my own again. It already look amazing the way it is. Silly but I just want to find out.

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