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Posted on Fri, 25 Sep 2009 by KiM

Many of you will probably remember Leila’s OTT girly glam loft that we blogged about a few months ago. It seems Leila has an OTT collection of incredible clothing she shot in her OTT loft. She sent along some photos and I had to share a few of them with you all. There’s more on her website too. (I looooooooove her totally sexy dresses – I need one of those for my trip to Vegas in November).

A reader named Rose sent along an email that I also had to share: “This past weekend I met this photographer at a Flea market in Brooklyn and couldn’t stop looking through his book of Polaroid photographs. His prints look like memories or something. Like someone stopped time for a minute..and the way he prints them (on watercolor paper) give them this surreal aesthetic that looks like a cross between a painting and an old photograph. And with some of his surf shots you can keep the feeling of summer last all year round. As a fellow aficionado of all things creative, thoughtful, and lovely, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to pass his site your way as I think you’ll be equally obsessed: shehitpausestudios.com“. Consider me obsessed! The photographer is Matt Schwartz, and his work is currently for sale at Anthropologie. Like Rose, I too love the vintage vibe of his photos. Do check his site for many more photos and his online shop.

liza says:

I love the photos. And I know nothing about photography, but wonder why more photographers don't print on watercolor paper? I have one portrait that is truly amazing, probably because it is printed on thick, gorgeous (like watercolor) paper. Is it the inks? Or the cost? Or the process? Curious…

Wow, these are just GORGEOUS. I'm loving the shot of the girl on the bed. It's almost haunting isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing!

HOT! HOT! I'd love that first number for my party tom night!

Peggy says:

Is that Leila? God she's gorgeous.

Anonymous says:

If we get to vote, I want to see you in the black feathers!

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