Susan Seubert

Posted on Fri, 25 Sep 2009 by midcenturyjo

Portland Oregon based Susan Seubert’s photographs just glow. Golden light diffuses through the spaces. We’re drawn in to a warm and inviting room, a cool and charming garden. Everything is gorgeous, real, cozy. It’s like a lethargic Sunday afternoon and I love her shots. Take the time to drink in her landscape portfolio.

I always wanted a red door in my future home, but this bright blue kinda makes me want that instead!

wow! that last one with the glowy blue is sooo magical.

polkadot says:

the light is fantastic in the photos!

Robin says:

Love the blue door also. Looks like a good cup of tea would be waiting for you inside:)

loving the warm gold tones of the wood, and the cool green foliage colors!!! xo Laura

gorgeous work. i want every pillow on that day bed/sofa

These lovely shots are making me miss the pacific northwest! Susan's work really captures that very simple, serene, organic, warm mood that just spells west coast to me.

You've just brightened my day!

liza says:

I love these! Thank you for sharing.

kimberly says:

holy cow. i want that three piece cherry blossom artwork. someone tell me where to find it, stat!

kim. says:

i am REALLY drawn to the third photo. beautiful!

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