Flickr finds – typewriters

Posted on Sun, 27 Sep 2009 by KiM

Great finds! I want a mint green typewriter myself. My childhood typewriter was nothing as beautiful as these…

Polly R says:

Love typewriters! I was lucky enough to inherit my grandfather's. I especially love that last picture x

the blue ones are so cute, I don't see them here very often

SO many beautiful typewriters. The blue variety happen to be my favorite! Thanks for including ours!

something about vintage typewriters is so cool, I have used them in a lot of photo shoots. great selection here.

What fun images! xx

What gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing!

We recently bought my daughter the cutest little vintage turquoise typewriter. Looks pretty & she loves to use it. Really enjoyed this post.

Anonymous says:

Datamancer. Keyboards to melt for. Victorianized yum yum. Someday I will have my Selectric given a facelift by the resident genius over there.

Typewriters = wonderful. Bought one not too long ago. Considering another, but don't want this to turn into a "thing," lol. There are just so many beautiful ones. They've got it all over computers when it comes to aesthetics.

Thank you for this post. The shot that combines two of my favorite things, knitting needles and a typewriter, made me swoon.

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