Myra Hoefner

Posted on Fri, 2 Oct 2009 by KiM

Myra Hoefner Design, based in California, is about warm and soothing colours, sumptuous fabrics, French furnishings…creating a sense of grandeur and elegance. “It’s fresh and a little bit eccentric. Lots of oversize things. I like big things in small spaces — it’s so dramatic. I love mirrors, which make small spaces look bigger, and I use lots of white. I’m not one for a cluttered look. I think it’s all about comfort.

Melanie says:

Her rooms make me want to sit down and stay a while…a long while. So comfy!

katiedid says:

One of my very favorites! We have been to Healdsburg many times and love her shop.

So rich! Just love the depth and the layering.
xo xo

I love her style, thanks for sharing.

so SO lovely. Really enjoy all the inviting warmth of textures and hues

What is it about a basket of brown eggs that says "real cooking happens here"?

Love the layering in these and the textures. So rich yet earthy.

love these interiors! especially the kitchen! it makes me want to cook! and i don't cook!

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