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Posted on Mon, 5 Oct 2009 by KiM

If you’d like to send us photos to include in next week’s “pets on furniture” post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so both pet and furniture takes centre stage. (Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture…and your pet happens to be sitting on it). And second, the photo must be of decent quality. For example, if it’s REALLY dark or fuzzy (camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks!

This is a photo of Bea. She is my boyfriend’s impossibly haughty miniature dachshund. I suppose when you are that beautiful, you can get a way with being haughty. She really has the funniest personality. When she comes over, she acts like she is literally the queen of the house. She sniffs around the apt (checking out her realm?) and then sets herself down on her throne. If anyone else tries to sit in the chair, she will stare them down until they move. Here’s one more showing her staring technique. Obviously, she’s queen for a reason.
– Steffan

I had two share pictures of my two dogs on their favorite pieces of furniture. This first one is Klaus, our white schnauzer, on his favorite nap chair ( vintage buy still waiting for refurbishment). The second is Olivia, our rescued mixed dog something between daschund and chihuahua), sitting in on a bench my grandmother gave me. She loves the colorful pillows around her although she especially likes gnawing on their corners.
– Georgia

Here’s our cat, Hammy, and our dog, Grover, hanging out on their favorite spot – the back of the couch! They both fight for that one spot.

I’d love to submit this photo of our cat Daisy lurking about on the shelves. It’s one of her favourite spots. It combines her love of climbing with her love of keeping an eye on us – the higher the vantage point the better!

This is my puppy Tessa. Okay so she’s hardly a puppy anymore, she’s about 14 months old, but she’ll always be my baby! She likes to spend her days ‘supervising’ me from atop the couch.

Here’s a few pics of my cat Murphy in her favorite spot. It’s a bit of a problem when we want to use the record player, but way too adorable to make her get down.
– Heather

I am sending you a photograph of my Cockapoo, Amber, for your consideration for the “Pets on Furniture” series.
– Louise

I wanted to attach a photo of my bunnies Pom Pom and Roxy, who know a comfy piece of furniture when they see it. Here they are laying claim to my father’s favorite chairs over holiday.
– Sarah

Here are a couple fotos of Geisha, my darling girl on a couple of lounging spots in the house. She rather enjoys anything that is made up (the bed) or super comfy (the sofa, any overstuffed chair..has to have our luxe cashmere throw on it though…) She’s definitely a lil’ diva but she can catch the little lizards here in Florida with the best of them. My little princess Tomboy. 🙂

Would love to submit this picture of my dog “Bernie” for “pets on furniture” Monday. Although not the nicest piece of furniture in my home, the ultra comfy Lazy Boy recliner is a favorite of both of the men in my family, Bernie and my hubby Joe.
– Lisa (**Editor’s Note: Although not quite following rule #1, if I had a La-Z-Boy I too wouldn’t want it displayed in a photo.)

A co-worker of mine, Irina, recently purchased an African Pygmy hedgehog and at my request she managed to get a clear photo of it sitting on one of her dining chairs. (She had a hard time getting it to stay still). Thanks Irina!

I had to add one from my home. It’s about 9:30 pm Sunday night and as I’m getting this post written up one of my cats, Cheeks, keeps trying to climb into my lap. He really likes my desk chair – an Eames upholstered armchair – and I knew he would not leave me alone until I gave up the freaking chair for him. I moved the chair over for him and grabbed my other Eames shell chair for me to use while I finished this post up. Phoebe also loves that chair. I recently threw a piece of batik fabric over it because I am sick of all the fur, and being the pain in my arse that she is, she jumped up next to Cheeks and dug under the fabric to lie down. And this is what is next to me while I type this.

Anonymous says:

Beautiful deco, with cute critters. Just what Monday needs. And just to confess, I'm one of the ones who complained, bitterly, about the animal posts that didn't offer die-hard design fans any foothold. My feet are happy. Thank you for being so understanding. And talented!

And yeah, those shelves were awesome, as was the chair and art combo included. My favorite, a steampunky feel.

What on earth do you do with an African Pygmy hedgehog? You can't cuddle it, you can't play with it… Do you just scare it and watch it curl up into a ball? Super cute, of course, but would the novelty wear off?

Each week these are getting better and better. The homes are amazing … and the pets too 🙂

Robin says:

I love pets on furniture day!

Anonymous says:

why does anyone buy an African Pygmy hedgeho, im sorry but that is so wrong, havent u heard of species in danger? i like a lot these pics but dont understand why people keep on buying these kind of animals when it is clear that they are not for having them as pets

kim. says:

Anon, I have heard of species in danger, but since when are African Pygmy hedgehogs endangered, the most common species, and sold in all sorts of pet stores?? And YES, Irina bought it as a pet. What the hell else is she going to do with it?

ivyrossiter, you can kind of cuddle them. They're not as prickly as they seem (as long as they aren't pissed off).

paige says:

Kitty is precious, but I love your desktop! Did you do this yourself??? If so, tips por favor!

kim. says:

🙂 paige, it's an Ikea table top with fabric stapled to it and a piece of glass cut to fit on top.

The pets are adorable and I'm so impressed by how stylish the homes of DTI readers are. I think a debt of gratitude is owed to Kim and Jo for sewing seeds of inspiration!

kim. says:

Awww, Zee. 🙂

P.S. Where's your submission to these pet posts? The combo of cuteness of your pets and your home means a perfect fit.

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