Coffee anyone?

Posted on Tue, 6 Oct 2009 by midcenturyjo

Newly opened Kaffeverket (Swedish for The Coffee Works) takes traditional Swedish design and gives it a couple of modern twists. Mikael Abbhagen from design and retail concept agency A-B-D sent us these pictures. β€œIt’s a play with contrasts of materials. From the roughness of Swedish limestone on the counter and tables, to the softness of the velvet drapes and the more modern feeling of bronzed glass and brass walls.” Inspired by the building that dates back to 1905 and wanting to play with classical Swedish colours and materials in order to create a modern design, fellow designer Fredrik Bengtsson added that they wanted to create a modern design with a clear heritage. Certainly gives the big franchises something to aim for. Mine’s a Ristretto thanks!

Alex says:

I prefer tea but I could be persuaded to swap, seeing as it's such a chic venue!

wow, love everything about these spaces in this coffee shop. crisp and clean to luscious. really perfect i think. oh, and i'm drinking coffee anywhere that there are velvet drapes, seriously. πŸ™‚

Blue Muse says:

That last photo is fabulous! Whata great space – and for my favorite thing – coffeeeeeeee. Mmmm.
xo Isa

Oh yes please – one milk, two sugars – what a cozy little spot to end the day. I think this warrants a trip to Sweden πŸ™‚

i'm there!
the text introduces this place so perfectly.

Robin says:

Ahhh, I want to go have coffee in Sweden! Also, loved the first kitchen. Great pictures!

Anonymous says:

Doncha love it when people come along after installation and get all picky and 'well, *I* would have…' on you?

Umm… Well… the square tiles are really dating, and seem to pull the rest of it down — the rest is fabulous! But those tiles — urg. A few days further on in this blog, there are lovely large subway tiles… gosh, those would have worked really well in this cafe!

Not that subway tiles aren't maybe merely in-fashion at the moment, but they are (I hope) more timeless than. Or my front hallway will need to be redone again.

AC says:

Very interesting. Walked by this place a couple of days ago (in Vasastan btw) and it caught my eye instantly. Very nice play with material and colours. Refreshing to see an establishment not using the safe, soft, brown interiors that most coffee places in Stockholm go for nowadays.

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