Ngoc Minh Ngo

Posted on Wed, 7 Oct 2009 by KiM

Things are a little more chaotic than usual here at Casa di Kim, as I have taken on another cat challenge and I have one of my strays locked in my upstairs bathroom waiting to go to the vets. (Fingers crossed, as his infected eyes may not be fixable). Anyway, the photography skills of Ngoc Minh Ngo are so fantastic there’s not really much to say except WOW, and more seen in this earlier post here.

And this is one of my favourite photos…ever. (and Jo’s).

Those are some stunning interiors! I especially love the second pic!

that last one is one of my favorites too! that photo wall is amazing… there's something so free about that bedroom. i adore it.

Elise says:

I've fallen madly in love with the floral bedding in the second picture. Does anyone know where the duvet cover/pillows are from?

Cole says:

Ugh, these are all lovely! I especially love that pink dining room.

I bow down to an extreme talent! Amazing shots. And yes that is one of my all time favourite images.

anyone know where the desk chair is from?

Also one of my all time favourite images! Don't be surprised if gradually over time my own bedroom turns into a carbon copy!

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