Douglas Friedman

Posted on Tue, 13 Oct 2009 by KiM

New York photographer Douglas Friedman can take a fierce photo (have I been watching too much ANTM?). His photos play up the quirkiness of the spaces and draw you into the wonderfully styled nooks and crannies.

this is a stunning post… xx pam

Anonymous says:

you really should do the favor of posting a picture of the photographer..i hear he's painfully handsome!!

douglas says:

Hey thanks, i'm glad you like it. ITs good to hear.

Douglas Friedman is an absolutely genius photographer. He has a truly unique ability to use the elements of a room to create a "portrait" of the space. This selection of his work is evidence that his photographs go beyond merely documenting an artfully appointed interior and stand alone as works of art in and of themselves.
The fact that the man is movie-star handsome and a charming, sensitive, worldly, and sophisticated artist is proof that real talent does come in nice packages sometimes!

I have a serious photographer crush as it is and now Douglas' fan club have pointed out that not only is he talented but he's hot too! My imagination is running wild!

oh i love all of this work…very inspirational! GOOD SHOW DOUGLAS!

Anonymous says:

Steampunk styling, my not-so-secret crush. Stylish old furniture, industrial lighting and bits of room flotsum, rich fabrics and off-set, crowded, or oversized art tableaus. And instead of being determinedly anti-social, the house is mature, set up for livability. Amazing.

And yeah, the photographer is good — is he really that good looking? Show, show!

Amanda says:

I absolutely love your blog! Such a great place for inspiration and finding new designers and photographers. I love that you post such a diverse mix of interiors 🙂

S says:

Where can I find where the very first photo is origninally from? I'm looking for the source…

KiM says:

S, the photo is taken by Douglas Friedman and was on his website (back in Oct 2009 anyway)

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