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Posted on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 by KiM

It’s 8:30 pm on Wednesday (I get my posts ready the night before it’s published) and about an hour ago a vet was here putting down one of my other strays. This time it was Oscar, the first stray that showed up when I moved into this house. He’s been a regular on my porch for almost 2 years. He was a rough and tough little guy and would never have made a very good pet but he always wanted lovin’ from me and would follow me home if I found him out gallivanting down the next street.

So unfortunately I do not have the energy nor the desire to come up with a post about interiors right now. Jo and I are sticklers about posting every day no matter what is going on with us but this is the second stray cat in a week that I’ve had to do this to (see end of this post) and I’m a wreck. There’s one more stray left (3 others disappeared and rumour has it they were taken to the Humane Society – which may I add does not have a no-kill policy) and she has an appointment tomorrow. I am soooo dreading the results of this one.

***Friends of Abandoned Pets, a local rescue organization, has been instrumental in helping me get vet care (and food) for my strays and I am so grateful for all that they’ve done. If you’d like to make a donation to help them care for the many cats and dogs they have in foster care right now (they are beyond capacity, and cannot foster any more animals) please visit their website. Thank you.


Sue says:

I'm sorry, kisses from Spain.

Elisa says:

I'm really sorry.
Lots of love

Anonymous says:

Sad stories, Kim. I hope your last stray's appointment today goes better.
Deborah M on Holland

thebungalowbabe says:

My heart really goes out to you. I spayed and neutered a colony of seven feral cats on my old street. I cared for them for over three years until I moved and a neighbor took over. I loved each of them as much as my inddor cats. It takes a lot of personal time, money, and energy to care for these cats, and in my opinion the only way to solve the horrible problem that we have. I hope you take comfort in the fact that you made their lives so much happier while they were here.

kim. says:

thanks everyone.

Deb, check my Flickr for detailed update on Eli.

thebungalowbabe, thank you for taking responsibility for those cats when no one else would. 🙂

* sending mental hugs your way *

Also…I'm going to make a donation to FOAP right now…

Aww, i feel for you! we have a stray that i've adopted as our "outdoor cat" (we also have an indoor cat who doesn't appreciate Girly, as we've named her) Good for you for taking care of these lovely furry creatures. I donate a small amount monthly to the SPCA (if you live in Canada, you cant help it, Sarah MacLachlan has a heart wrenching TV commercial running that basically forces you to reach for your wallet as tears well up in your eyes)

kim. says:

Awww, thanks so much Shannon!

Eva, I know those commercials – I have to turn the channel. Too hard to watch.

Anonymous says:

Hey Kim – I am so glad that things turned out ok with Eli/Edgar/Eleanor! I remember one of the first kittens I humane trapped and fostered for a rescue came back FIP positive and it made me so angry and sad when she had to be put to sleep. It can be frustrating sometimes to be an animal foster parent but the animals always make it worth it in the end. Good luck with your new little old man! I'm sure that with a couple of weeks of good food, warmth, rest, meds and most of all love – he is going beautiful 🙂
– Katrina (Kittens in the sink photo)

kim. says:

Thank you Katrina. EDGAR is doing pretty well. 🙂 And I too had a kitten I had to put down because of FIP. Was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. Luckily his sister (Phoebe) ended up in good health and is one of my clan.

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