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I recently heard about colorTHEORY, a residential and commercial interior styling company servicing the Boston area. Interior designers Brad Dufton and Benjamin Scott provide clients their expertise with color consultations, skilled painting, hanging wallpaper and selecting home furnishings. They are bold with colour and wallpaper patterns and I love that. I also love that they emphasize architectural details (ie. gorgeous moldings) using daring, stand-out colours that are so much more interesting than white.

Anonymous says:

Perfect spaces. And the best dog w/furniture pic you've ever posted! Attitude, that's what this post is all about.

* Love the DOG PIC! Now, PLEEEEASE don't be annoyed with me for asking, OK(?), but, am I the ONLY one who finds "photo'ing" a bathroom with the LID SEAT UP to be offensive amongst OTHER things??? (Ewwww!)…

Thanks, kiddo!
Linda in AZ *

So many of these are going straight to the inspiration files.

I love that green bedroom. And the chandeliers, OH the chandeliers.

so chic, i love that fireplace!

I looove that bedroom! And the lighting of the photograph, so dramatic!

Okay – I have been blogging for months about black trim and how I want to "do" that look in our new place. Here is just one of the posts:

I have also have had the idea of just doing that in our place in the City… there is a new development in NYC who is doing high sheen black trim and it is sooooo delightful:

Wonder if the trend of dark trim will be "over" by the time I actually get around to decorating?!?!

Lauren says:

I want to know where that wall paper in the bathroom is from.

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


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