Jennifer Merritt Koskinen

Posted on Wed, 21 Oct 2009 by KiM

Jennifer Merritt Koskinen emailed the other day to share a gorgeous photo of her friend’s cat for the next Monday’s pet on furniture post and it turns out she’s an architect turned architectural photographer. I took a gander at her portfolio and almost fell off my chair. WOWZERS. Her crisp and bright photos are beautiful, and she has photographed some of the most spectacular homes – most of which are located in Telluride, Colorado. She has captured the grandeur of the homes as well as the beauty of their surroundings. So impressive. (If her photography is this impressive I can only imagine what her architecture work was like). Thanks for letting me share your work here Jennifer!

Anonymous says:

I want to live in ALL of those places.

I'm pretty sure there's been a mistake- I'm supposed to be living in that first house.

The first image is making me so excited for Christmas (I know its only October but ever since I can remember I've started celebrating Christmas the minute it wasn't 90 degrees out!)

Oh my. That is such a lovely space. Love the dark walls in some kind of sheet metal!

Merilin says:


Such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing her work with us! Tracey xx

i've always considered myself very much a beach/warm weather girl but these photos actually made me crave a home in the mountains. stunning.

Diane says:

The photos and the homes totally blow me away.

This is beautiful work – I started looking at the photos without reading first and kept thinking how much these spaces reminded me of Colorado – you've made me miss it!

That third to the last photo, what an amazing combination!!!

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