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Posted on Thu, 22 Oct 2009 by KiM

It’s been over two years since I blogged about San Francisco interior design firm Jugendstil Design. Gari Camaisa emailed the other day with a link to a bunch of photos of design projects they’ve completed in the past year. I was stoked because I’m a big fan of their pairings of rustic, earthy and ethnic pieces with mid-century classics – totally unexpected, and it works. The result is sophisticated, warm and timeless. (Thanks Gari!)

I love the first photo, it's a beautiful dining room. The chairs are amazing.

I would love to see more homes like this! Beautiful!

I love all of these interiors! I am new to your blog and studying interior design, all of your pictures are very inspiring to say the last. I will definitely be back to see more! Please stop by my blog if you want to enter into my chocolate giveaway, have a great day!

Oops, to say the least not the last! Ha ha, loving all of the blues!

wow, these are fantastic. that one image of the bathroom – with the single toilet, who would have thought a toilet could look so chic!

thanks for sharing.

LOVE that dining room! LOVE! And I agree about that toilet. How can a toilet be so sexy?

Anonymous says:

I can see the attraction in the combination approach… however. But before I go there, I thought the designer had a marvelous eye for color and shape, and a very traditional approach to room design that worked well with the more esoteric pieces.

However, every room gave me the impression of being painstakingingly pieced together. All the elements worked, but there was no organic melding into a… um… fromage of oneness. Yeah.

Okay, the brick fireplace/green rug room — all about texture. Picture, basket lounge, bricks, primitive chair. But they were each one absolutely separate.

Blue rug, three wildly different tables that not ONE of which works in its position — and even the foliage doesn't grow within a thousand miles of each other. And the light of two windows blocked by a funky great standing lamp. Interesting, and not user-friendly.

The grey and blue living room was the most traditional, and the best design. There was cohesion that was simply missing in nearly all the other rooms.

Piece by piece, I love the work — but once you step back for the big picture, you immediately look for some unifying theme.

I could be wrong.

Anonymous says:

ANONYMOUS…i think we are not really able to step back and see the big picture so to speak, since there were no other photos that show how the whole room/space looked like? thus, it would probably be premature to assume, albeit, critique a space without having seen it in its entirety? it would be interesting to see how the other parts of the room meld into play with the featured vignette in the photo, then probably we could truly see how the space works…or not? 🙂

I love this! CH&D is having a contest for the best California interior designer of the year. Check it out and nominate someone!

Anonymous says:

To Anon re: Anon:

Not at all! We're visionaries, and it takes no more than a hint of minty sheers and a shell on the mantle to tell us that an overly-distressed shelf is lurking somewhere about. We know this stuff!

Besides, the pictures are fabulous, the rooms very well-displayed, and nobody else has any trouble seeing the same pretty I do — I just go a bit further in my commentary. With complete respect, I assure you.

I track a dozen deco sites; you might do the same. I always read the commentary. Don't you get tired of 'nice room'? Both the designers and the site deserve better than something that pale and pointless!

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