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Posted on Sun, 25 Oct 2009 by KiM

lyckeliv CowgirlsWithGlasses
heyjupiter21 thrifttown
Colorfly Studio prima seadiva

oh wow wow wow.. one pic is better than the other.. I cannot decide which tray I like.. or which pic I like.. WOW!!

Liz says:

This is a great collection of tray photos. So many wonderful ideas here! Thank you so much for including one of mine on your beautiful blog!

I love the cat on the tray !

Anonymous says:

Suddenly, I feel very zen… tres zen, even.

Tanya says:

oh wow – all those images and colours just inspired me. I love the wooden tray!

looove this post

(and a big thank you to ya)

Amazing pictures and great compositions with trays. All lovely in their own special style and character. Thank you for including of my pictures. The idea belongs to my partner. I was holding the piece of chalk mumbling…"I want to wright something here, but what?". Write: " I am a tray ", he said. And I did. : )

Minnie says:

What a great assemblage of images. I adore trays but never know what to do with them. Now I have some ideas to get me started. Your Sunday photo feature is one I really look forward to each week since they're all usually photos of real people's homes, so lovingly created. Thank you!

The light bulb centerpiece on the table is amazing. So fun.


1x1000 says:

Enjoyed these trays! I have a big round ottoman with a huge butto in the center and a beautiful wire tray I want to display something in on the ottoman. Can't quite get it rigth! These photos encouraged me to keep trying! 🙂

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