4 0 W i N K S

Posted on Wed, 28 Oct 2009 by KiM

Back in May I shared the work of designer David Carter, but what I didn’t realize then was that many photos in his portfolio were of his own home that is often used as one of London’s most popular and successful location houses. And with two rarely used guest bedrooms, 4 0 W i N K S is being launched to help give photographers, stylists, art directors, designers, buyers, models and anyone in the creative and fashion industries somewhere fun and different to stay when they are in London for work or pleasure. It’s bold, romantic, whimsical, quirky, glamourous – I’d stay there in a heartbeat. (Thanks to reader Bernadette for sending the link!)

Bestill my heart! I saw what I think was that bathtub in a French Elle Decor a while ago and have been obsessed ever since…love these photos!

KarenSue says:

Can I take a bath?

Hollie says:

these make my heart le sigh

Amazing interiors.I like it

those art directors are really lucky…

Peggy says:

These are too over the top for me. But I love some of the lamps.

Deeply darkly gorgeous.

Amanda says:

Wow – I love the eclectic nature of these rooms. I'd stay there in a heart beat too. I wonder if I'd qualify?

Anonymous says:

The photographs are wonderful. The set-ups are very artistic. As art over function, yes, a talented eye (and an enormous budget) is obvious.

Bells says:

It's an amazing place – I've been to a party there! These photos are great.

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