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Posted on Thu, 29 Oct 2009 by KiM

My twin sister has been bugging me to blog about Dos Family, a blog from Sweden created by Jenny Brandt, Staffan & Isabelle Halling McAllister. After a quick google search I learned several blogs have featured this blog already but I had to jump on this bandwagon after seeing the gorgeous photos on their site (Jenny is a photographer). It’s all about everyday families in everyday homes. Brilliant.

Denise says:

Dos is a great concept – pics of every day families in ordinary homes. If I had one gripe though it would be that there is a clear preference for homes that harbour acres of kitsch (junkstore ceramics, corny figurines, posters or prints that shout I'm Too Cool and kids toys, artfully displayed of course). Kinda Selby, but not…if you know what I mean.

Still the homeowners are very kind to let us have a small peep into their world.

Perhaps Dos could broaden their preferences.

Peggy says:

Really fun post! Will have to check out their blog.

Evie says:

Gorgeous! It's nice to see really lived in spaces with lots of stuff still looking lovely.

Keeping it real … and stylish!

great blog, thanks for posting about it! i want to move to sweden.

Anonymous says:

Thank you so much for featuring this blog! Nothing will replace DtI in my daily life, but! One thing that is rarely found here is the sense of people — the most we usually get in the (very lovely) professional work you display is a blurred figure intruding on a perfect room.

A bed covered with stickers, sensible and inspired solutions, scratched flooring, the rattiness of use and make-do, rather than the perfection of a new creation — it can be a relief! And somehow, the occasional actual person brings something to the mix.

Kim, you're bril and generous.

Loved the dining table area and the other one too with the hanging pots and pans – makes it look more real.

Carrie says:

Lovely photographs! Your sister has great taste 🙂

what a fun and colorful space! such a great eclectic style 🙂

I missed this post! I am glad you brought it up again! I have a new blog to check out!

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