A home in Israel

Posted on Fri, 30 Oct 2009 by KiM

A reader emailed me with some links to photos of her home and I thought I’d share them (and some details about her) with you all to end of the week. (I hope I am getting the facts correct that she sent me as English is clearly not her first language). Sasha lives in Israel with her husband and 3 children in a home they recently had constructed. Her house is her hobby, as is cooking. She shops for homewares in Jerusalem, Haifa, Nablus, Gaza, Jordan and in the Druze village. She is intrigued by the history of the items she purchases, and makes a point of asking vendors. She also really enjoys cooking (so I’m including some of the dishes she’s made as well). Enjoy, and happy weekend!

So nice to see something from a place that I don't typically look to for design. Aretha, a kitty cat, good food — looks like a wonderful home to me.

Anonymous says:

What a wonderful home. Deep devotion to metal, very sensible! The patio was my favorite… as long as the whiskers show up! And yum. Keep taking pictures, Sasha, and watch the depth of focus!

what intriguing and charming furnishings, not to mention the cute kitty!
love that pale terra cotta wall color…and the food looks rich and heavenly.

Anonymous says:

Practically every chair has a metal back. Is that typical for the region? It strikes me as uncomfortable.

Oh my gosh.. such a pretty home.. Amazing colours… just beautiful.

Love the sky & warm day… You are a true collector.. the food looks inviting as well..

Anonymous says:

RE: Question from Anon. The family lives in Israel. Basic furniture that's less likely to break easily during fast moves seems sensible — I've given up china for metal mexican plates & platters, and I just move around the NW!

Amazing home! It is so great to see homes with an exotic vibe and with traditional design elements. The kitty is cute, the dishes look delicious and your home is beatiful! Monika

So quietly exotic!

sasha says:

many thanks!

Miyan says:

Loved this post! I was referred by my friend, Marli, who is also a blogger.
I live in Israel and would love to contact Sasha via e-mail. Israel is such a small country and anyways it is always nice to know that you insipiredsomeone by your work. Her pictures of her home are so beautiful, wonder where she lives….

Thanks for passing this beauty on…..


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