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Posted on Fri, 6 Nov 2009 by KiM

Some of you regulars may be wondering why we haven’t posted anything today. We are sticklers for never missing a day so let me explain. Jo and I have been busy lately. Well, more than usual. You see, we’ve been talking for quite a while about updating the blog and giving it a bit more of a professional look. (Especially since the blog was designed by me and despite the fact that I work on web applications for a living, I am NO designer). And we wanted to get off Blogger and go with something a bit more customizable. So when we heard from Erica at Squarespace over the summer, we were stoked to try out what they had to offer. We are finally ready to get the ball rolling on this, so this afternoon hopefully you will see a brand spanking new desire to inspire. And I am hoping everything will work swimmingly but let’s just say that if you see something wonky, you’ve been warned. Do feel free to email us if there’s anything not working or if you have any concerns. We really hope you will all dig the new look and the new pages we’ll have available for your daily perusal.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who reads our little blog, some of you daily, and for those folks who leave comments, which we read every single one. Thanks muchly for all the love and support.

****Update: Due to technical difficulties the new blog may not be available today, but we’ll keep on truckin’.

Nikki says:

Looks great!! Congradulations ladies.
Thank you so much for this blog.
It serves as my inspiration in the boring life i have.
Love you guys!!! (:

AVictory says:

Hey Ladies! Adore your site! Great work on the new look! I love it!
Thanks so much for doing what you do.

drey says:

loving the new look jo and kim! can’t wait to see what is in store to come 🙂

Kelsi says:

It’s not wonky at all! It looks great! I wish you all the best!

RLG says:

Not wonky. Best of luck getting it just the way you want. Looking forward to it! xoxo

Love Love the new site. congrats!

Louis W says:

Congrats on the switch, the new site looks great.
I had no idea you were a programmer… that’s quite interesting to me. I too spend my days doing internet development and dreaming if I only had a job doing interior design.

I liked your old blog design, but the new design looks great too 🙂

Enjoy your new blog home 🙂


the new look is wonderful! i always look forward to reading your blog- now it seems there is even more to like!

Absolutely love your blog! And am looking forward to your posts!
Jamie Herzlinger

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